Manley Feinberg: Chasing the Summit

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of “Conversations with Doc Martin,” where we talk to extraordinary people doing extraordinary things! With us today is Manley Feinberg, award winning international keynote speaker, business leader, and author.  Mr. Feinberg’s work has been featured on a number of major media outlets, including NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and a multitude of additional global publications.  During his 11 years with Build-A-Bear workshop, he helped take the brand from 40 stores, to over 400 worldwide, leading to revenue growth from $55 million to over $474 million, as well as a successful New York Stock Exchange Initial Public Offering.  In addition, during his tenure, the company was listed on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to work For 4 years in a row.

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Manley begins by discussing for us how he developed his “Vertical Lessons” concept, the staple behind his speaking and coaching engagements.  Manley got into rock climbing in college, and, after taking a year long trip with his now wife, realized he was able to relate and interact better with people, motivate people better, and build relationships with people better in the climbing world than in business.  It was this realization that made him start to reverse engineer differences between situations in the mountains and in the business world, and how he could apply the principles he learned in climbing to the business world in order to be more successful.  Soon, Manley was asked to share his experiences, and a professional speaker was born!

We go on to discuss the “decision moments” in life, such as the decisions to give up, the decisions to push through, and  the thought process that inspires perseverance in trials and tribulations.  One thing is for sure: there is an underlying theme in Manley’s life and business experiences revolving around passion, focus, and the big picture. We discuss the importance of reflection, the ability to “celebrate the summits” in times of crisis and overwhelming feelings, being intentional and taking time to pause, what it’s like sleeping on the side of a mountain (literally!), the story of Build-A-Bear, and much more, including his most valuable lesson of all! 

Join us for this exciting edition of Conversations with Doc Martin, and learn how to climb over obstacles in life and business from one of the best speakers and authors around!

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