Hello! I am the founder of Metamorphosis Coaching which specializes in team cohesion and communication. As a coach and team facilitator, I help clients remove the burdens of leadership to experience team cohesion and business growth.

I have worked with thousands of business leaders and medical professionals from all over North America to feel less burdened by leadership, empowered to resolve challenges, as well to create transparent and open cultures.

My efforts result in a culture where leaders and team members excel, thrive, and love coming
to work. I speak mostly on the science positivity, mindset, and effective communication.

With certifications in Executive Coaching, Team Coaching/Facilitation, Emotional Intelligence, and Happiness Studies, I have spent almost 20 years working with leaders to build happier and more fulfilled

Lastly, I am incredibly proud and humbled by my work at Spear Education which has indirectly touched tens of millions of patients’ lives. Spear helps dentists to enhance the patient experience, eliminate pain, increase function, and increase their confidence in a patient’s new smile. So come on in, look around, and let’s connect!

I look forward to helping you on your journey and kicking fear in the ass so you can fulfill what you’re destined to do!

With Gratitude,
Doc Martin

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