“Dr. Mendelson has a unique and passionate style. He was able to morph his life’s challenges into a message of hope. His approachable keynotes will immediately win over any audience and his thought-provoking content will have you asking him back for more!”

Fred Ketcho | CEO, CalCom Energy


Talking Yourself INTO Success

The Art & Science of Mindset and Communication

Program Bio

Why are some people more effective in communication than others? In this presentation, we dive deep into the forms of listening and how our inner dialogue filters what we hear.

There are scientifically driven methodologies for listening and responding that will drive more consistent results.

Join Dr. Mendelson for this fun and interactive exploration of what drives good communication through mindset, skills, and strategies. 

Participants leave with a framework to address those emotionally challenging conversations immediately!

Leaving this presentation your audience will:

  • Understand why our mindset is a critical factor in our ability to effectively communicate.

  • Understand the mechanics of  segregating facts from internal stories.

  • Understand the three types of listening and how to use them.

  • Understand how to navigate conversations that are emotionally charged to drive positive results.

  • Leave with tools to begin using immediately to drive business metrics. 

“Dr. Mendelson has a unique and passionate style. He was able to morph his life’s challenges into a message of hope. His approachable keynotes will immediately win over any audience and his thought-provoking content will have you asking him back for more!”

Justin Patton | Award Winning Speaker & Best-Selling Author


There is No I in TEAM, but There is Me

Creating Cohesive Teams

Program Bio

When you think of the word TEAM, what comes to mind? Your previous experiences inform your thoughts, assumptions, and opinions of team dynamics.

Teams are seated together and will interact with several exercises to explore what it means to be a team, how we each look at teamwork, and how our mindsets ultimately drive our interactions and results.

Additionally, we will explore how Psychological Safety plays into the team equation, how this impacts our business outcomes, and how this can ultimately lead to our collective success.

In this dynamic and highly interactive half-day program, we will explore the role of ” ME ” in team dynamics and leadership.

Leaving this presentation your audience will:

  • Understand the research behind why we are more effective working in groups vs individuals

  • Understand what creates great teams and how to foster this in your own team. 

  • Understand how we are collectively responsible for our team’s success.

  • Understand why our thoughts about neutral situations guide actions and foster results.

  • Understand the importance of Psychological Safety for yourself and the team.

See Martin in Action!

Happiness Leads to Success

Sweet and Low Story

Positive Brains

“I highly recommend Martin as a speaker and facilitator. He is engaging, genuine, and motivating. On top of that, he’s really fun! No doubt about it, you want Martin on your stage.”

Michael Dunn | Sr. Global Solutions Manager, Dentsply Sirona


Your Mind Is An Inside Job

How Your Thoughts Will Drive Your Future

Program Bio

Our mindset is a powerful tool that we can use to help us or hinder us.

Mindset starts with satisfying basic needs, as initially presented by Maslow. These needs will build upon one another like a ladder. We ascend, in order, by climbing rung by rung.

Our mindset will primarily control this ascent. We are not in control of what happens to us, and we are in control of how we react to the events in our lives.

In this presentation, you will acquire skills and tools to understand the strength of your inner dialogue and your existing habits concerning your own set of filters.

Join Dr. Mendelson in this fun and interactive exploration into what drives business and personal success through the power of mindset!

Leaving this presentation your audience will:

  • Understand the difference between the Fixed and Growth Mindsets

  • Understand the Michael Singer’s concept of “… you are not the voice of the mind – you are the one who hears it.”

  • Understand how your interpretations of the world will guide you to foster or inhibit change.

  • Understand how Maslow’s Hierarchy can be applied to any team

“Martin spoke at one of our luncheons for the Equality Chamber. His succinct presentation was thoughtful, left us with brilliant takeaways and his presentation was fun.” 

Michael Mazzocco | Owner, Michael Mazzocco Events


Whole-Being & Happiness

The Science of Happiness vs. Toxic Positivity

Program Bio

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that negativity costs businesses 3 BILLION a year!

In this engaging presentation, Dr. Mendelson will share his passion for the science of happiness, what happiness is, and how understanding its components can help your bottom line.

We will discuss the concept of whole-being, what comprises true happiness, and the definition of toxic positivity.

Dr. Mendelson will introduce participants to Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar’s SPIRE concept of happiness and how to bring more whole-being into the workplace to benefit everyone on the team and the bottom line.

Leaving this presentation your audience will:

  • Understand the components of the SPIRE model of whole-being as described by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar 

  • Understand the concept of dualism and how this has worked against our understanding of the mind body connection

  • Contrast the concepts of toxic positivity versus the science of happiness

  • Be given research driven solutions to increase the level of happiness and whole being in the participant’s lives

“It’s truly a joy to watch Dr. Martin Mendelson speak. His enthusiasm and charisma are contagious – you can’t help but listen and engage with him!”

Denise Laroque | National Sales Manager, VITA N. America

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