Customized Team Workshops

Teams are comprised of individuals and although there is no I in team and there is ME! Understanding how to lead ourselves, then the team, then the business is critical. My approach is an inside out one where each workshop experience begins with helping team members understand how they are a piece of the overall puzzle. Without their role, the puzzle will never be complete and without their cooperation goals will be difficult to reach.

What teams have experienced as an outcome of working with me:

  • Decreased stress
  • Decreased office politics
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased communication
  • Increased transparency
  • Increased trust
  • Increased productivity that affects the bottom line.

What Have Leaders Said About Their Workshop Experience?

We are now months removed from our workshop and are still enjoying the work that we, as well as Dr. Mendelson completed.  The result of the course allows us to have a basis of knowledge that we can lean on as challenges present themselves. This basis or Alliance gives everyone in the office a voice to communicate and share ideas. The sharing of information has allowed us to be more productive and created a more enjoyable place to work. We strive to live our new alliance every day and revisit it weekly. The challenges are still there, but now we know how to move forward.  

— J Nicholson

Dr. Mendelson’s team building workshop has revolutionized how our office works.  We have a greater sense of ease and genuine FLOW to the workday. Communication is on a level I have never experienced at work before.  I can now trust and know all the team are on board and working together to put excellent patient care as our top priority.

— K von Lackum