Self-Leadership Strategies: Strengths, Structure, and Success 

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If you follow me on LinkedIn, you have seen that this year alone, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to thousands of leaders, sales teams, and professionals across North America to thrive using my innovative T.E.A.M.™ approach. The approach is that our Thoughts lead to Emotions, which guide our Actions and Manifest results.  

My passion has always been helping people get out of their own way, and Part One will always be my gift to anyone who is interested. 

After nearly 20 years of experience in Executive Coaching, Team Coaching/Facilitation, Emotional Intelligence, and Happiness Studies, I am so excited to announce the launch of the Self-Leadership Video Series, designed to empower you to navigate your stressors and responsibilities effectively.  

Mark your calendars: we launch on September 1, 2024! 

What’s the Self-Leadership Video Series All About? 

This six-part series is a hierarchical curriculum aimed at helping you interpret the world around you, manage daily stress more effectively, and create a framework for categorizing and organizing your days, weeks, and months differently. 

Each video includes practical exercises, ensuring you can immediately apply the material to real-life situations. I have been utilizing this concept in my own life for many years, and now it is time to give it back to the world.  

📽️ Part One: Master Your Mindset (my gift to you) 

In this foundational segment, we tackle your inner critic and the limiting beliefs that often hold you back. Using the TEAM™ mindset framework, I’ll guide you through identifying and reframing negative thoughts. This session is packed with practical tools to help you overcome internal obstacles and cultivate a more positive, productive mindset. By addressing your thoughts first, you lay the groundwork for all the transformative work to come. 

📽️ Part Two: Unleash Your Potential 

Here, you’ll dive deep into understanding your strengths and areas of focus. You’ll start by taking the Clifton Strengths Assessment, which is included in this part of the series. This comprehensive report will illuminate your innate talents and how you can leverage them effectively. With this knowledge, you can strategically channel your strengths, enhancing your personal and professional life. 

📽️ Part Three: Control Your Calendar 

This segment focuses on gaining control over your day-to-day activities to reduce stress and boost productivity. You’ll learn to inventory daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. By categorizing these activities into manageable chunks, you’ll distinguish between what’s urgent, important, both, or neither. This systematic approach helps you prioritize effectively and manage your time more efficiently. 

📽️ Part Four: Navigate  

Once you understand what’s on your plate, it’s time to structure your day for optimal efficiency. This part will introduce techniques I have used to help you organize your to-dos, e-mails, projects, calendars, and all other responsibilities. This structure helps you to stop dropping balls and significantly reduces stress. You’ll create a personalized system that supports your daily workflow and long-term goals. 

📽️ Part Five: Delegate 

Effective delegation is key to avoiding burnout and ensuring tasks are completed to your standards. This segment introduces my proven delegation framework, which helps you decide what tasks to delegate, communicate, evaluate progress (as a team), and evaluate outcomes. This approach eliminates micromanagement, empowers your team, and ensures that delegated tasks are handled efficiently. 

📽️ Part Six: Communicate 

Difficult conversations are often a significant source of stress. In this final segment, we’ll explore why these conversations are challenging and how to navigate them successfully. Drawing on “Crucial Conversations” principles, you’ll learn to address heated situations constructively and foster a win-win mindset. This part equips you with the skills to handle conflict and communicate more effectively, ultimately improving your professional and personal relationships. 

Each part of this series is designed to address specific challenges, from managing your thoughts and strengths to organizing your activities and improving communication. Together, these strategies will lead to greater organization, efficiency, and productivity in all areas of your life. 

✅ Ready to take action and want more? Click the link to sign up for Part One as a gift when the series launches on September 1st! 

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