Fighting Cancer and Cycling for Survival with Philanthropist Tim Lee

tim lee conversations with doc martin
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Hey everybody! Welcome to Conversations with Doc Martin, where we talk to extraordinary people doing extraordinary things! 

In today’s interview, we talk to Timothy Lee!

Tim is the Director of Philanthropy for the American Cancer Society based in Los Angeles, CA. He’s worked in the non-profit and philanthropy spaces for nearly a decade, hoping to raise millions of dollars for both local and national non-profits including the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and of course the American Cancer Society.

Tim is a native of California whose passion for cycling led him to the AIDS/LifeCycle, which is a 7-day charity life cycling event starting in San Francisco and ending in Los Angeles which raises millions of dollars annually to help end AIDS. Tim has completed the AIDS/LifeCycle 4 times and says he looks forward to a post-COVID world where he can complete that journey again.

Tim starts out by telling us a little bit about his backstory, how he got into everything from cycling, to philanthropy, and how they’re all connected. He met up with a friend for coffee one day after this friend had just completed what looked like this awesome multi-day cycling event. Tim had wanted to learn more about it, so they met up to discuss. After they had chatted, Tim stepped away for a moment only to come back to the table at the coffee shop 5 minutes later and learn that his friend had signed him up for the next event while he had stepped out! That was the start of it all.

It wasn’t too long after Tim did his first cycling event that he realized he enjoyed this entire world much more than he had anticipated. The combination of his passion for cycling and his love of philanthropy and helping others led him to make the decision to leave the company he was working with at the time, Microsoft, and pursue a job with the organization that held the cycling event he had recently completed. 

Tim spent the next few years working in and on different parts of the AIDS/LifeCycle working in several different offices to include the Los Angeles LGBT Center, to which he eventually left to continue his philanthropic passions with the American Cancer Society.

Join us in our interview on Conversations with Doc Martin to hear Tim’s amazing story and about all the great work that he and his fellow philanthropists are doing in the world to better the lives of others. Truly inspiring!

Click here to watch the interview with Tim Lee on YouTube!

In Gratitude,

Doc Martin

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tim lee conversations with doc martin

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