Conversations with Doc Martin Launch

Conversations with Doc Martin launch
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Conversations with Doc Martin launch

Welcome to the official launch of Conversations with Doc Martin!

I am so excited to announce that in less than 24 hours, my first video in this series will be available to watch on YouTube!

In this video and podcast series, we’re going to be talking to extraordinary people doing extraordinary things! 

From CEOs and business leaders, to therapists, coaches, giants in the positive psychology industry, judges handling cases revolved around helping women escape the sex trafficking world, a two-time cancer survivor whose climbed Mount Everest, internet and privacy experts, and so much more!

My goal as a speaker and coach is to help people kick fear in the ass so that they can fulfill what they are destined to do in life! That is the inspiration for Conversations with Doc Martin — overcoming my own fears to bring to you the passions, intentions, and valuable insights of my friends, colleagues, and other inspirational minds.

So come join us as we dive deep and explore the vastness of human nature, what makes people happy, how people are helping the world, and everything humans are capable of!

With Gratitude,

Doc Martin


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