Danniel Oickle-Open Doors and New Opportunities

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Welcome to another episode of “Conversations with Doc Martin”, where we speak with extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. With me today is Danniel Oickle, LGBT activist, artist, musician, actor, poet, 2013 Top 5 Trend Setter from Style Magazine, and founder of Guillotine-fiber art accessories for men and women who simply want killer style!

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The Struggling Artist

We start out by discussing Danniel’s background in art. We discuss the importance of art in a culture and the emphasis his parents placed on his educational path. Danniel talks about the pressures of starting as an artist. He also mentions pressures that develop once popularity and life in the public eye increases. Sometimes, it is necessary to walk through doors that open to you, especially if they are headed in the right direction.

Opening New Doors

We go on to discuss Danniel’s launching of his fiber art accessory company Guillotine. Danniel talks about how Guillotine came to be from the creation of one simple bowtie, the importance of being open to different input and opinions, and how taking advice from different sources can make a world of difference! Guillotine has now gone from one product to an entire brand of fiber art wearable accessibilities, all from listening to what life has to say! Finally, because the pandemic and other trying life events forced even more pivoting in order for Guillotine to continue to thrive, Danniel was forced to transition from being a clothing accessory company to creating teddy bears using a similar process, putting art work on mugs, and utilizing his background as a visual artist to market and promote his products.

Check out the interview on YouTube!

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Online Presence

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