Mark Milewski: Taking Grit and Perseverance to New Heights

Conversations with Doc Martin
Conversations with Doc Martin
Mark Milewski: Taking Grit and Perseverance to New Heights

Welcome to another episode of Conversations with Doc Martin, where I talk to extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. Today is no exception, as I am joined by avid outdoor enthusiast Mark Milewski. in 1997, Mark hiked through the entire 2,160 mile Appalachian Trail, and went on to summit the 48 highest peaks in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and the 46 highest peaks in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. in 2019 he summitted Indonesia’s 16,024 foot Mount Carstensz Pyramid, completing a project in perseverance he started in 2007 to climb the highest mountain on each continent, including Mount Everest in 2016. Mark is an Eagle Scout and currently serves as a Scout Master of Boy Scout Troop 25 in Manchester, Connecticut where he has volunteered for over 30 years. Professionally, he is an associate professor of business administration, and he teaches management at Tunxis Community College.

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Living for the Outdoors

We start out discussing the inception of Mark’s love for the outdoors. He credits to his parents getting him started with skiing at an early age. His time in boy scouts helped further strengthen the foundation his relationship and respect for nature, and he spent time taking an outward bound course in high school, 23 days of outdoor mountaineering in the Rockies. Over time, he continued to build his skills, and with them, his goals along the way.

Staying in the Moment

Next, we talk about mindfulness. We start with the importance of being in the moment, and devoting ones self to being present and aware of all of your surroundings. Mark discusses how technology today has pulled us away from the present and how the mountains have taught him the importance of being in the here and now. He talks about how he has tried to open up the world for his students and teaching them to find their own passions.

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Top of the World

We move on to discuss his experience climbing Mount Everest. We talk about the decision to make the accent, planning the climb, and what it takes to actually make it happen. Mark then talks about the perseverance the entire process requires and the challenges that go along with climbing Mount Everest. Finally, Mark talks about all of the things he feels he has most achieved from his climbs and adventures, and advice he would give based on his own experiences with perseverance.

Mark Milewski in a blue dress shirt and tie
Avid outdoor enthusiast, climber, and college professor Mark Milewski says his adventures have not only helped make him more aware of the world around him, but they also have inspired his students to think bigger.

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