Gaëtan Pellerin: Mindful Negotiation, Controlling Ego, and Fulfilling Life’s Calling

Conversations with Doc Martin
Conversations with Doc Martin
Gaëtan Pellerin: Mindful Negotiation, Controlling Ego, and Fulfilling Life's Calling

Welcome to another episode of Conversations With Doc Martin, where we talk to extraordinary people doing extraordinary things, and today is no exception! With me today is experienced marketing executive, author, negotiation consultant, and executive coach Gaëtan Pellerin! His passion of coaching and his journey of personal development lead him to writing his book, “Mindful Negotiation: Being More Aware in the Moment, Conquering Your Ego, and Getting Everyone What They Really Want.”

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Becoming Gaëtan Pellerin

We begin the interview by discussing Gaëtan’s background and how he ended up where he is today. Gaëtan lets us in on his childhood interests, and how he was originally interested in healthcare. When he became bored after a 14 career in nuclear medicine, he transitioned into sales. Though his career in sales was a very fruitful one, he still felt impatient and unhappy which caused him to start questioning reasons for these feelings. It was then he started working with an executive coach on further self development,leading him to explore how coaching his sales team preparing for a negotiation was when he was most happy and how his own ego was limiting his ability to break free from his emotional patterns.

Next, we discuss why Gaëtan decided to write a book at this time and the book writing process which he undertook over a three year period. Gaëtan talks about not just writing a book about mindful negotiation, but needing help throughout the challenging process and being able to come to the realization that his calling was helping people.

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Ego and the Art of Mindful Negotiation

We go on to discuss ego, which is, as Gaëtan puts it, our learned personality from a very young age. Gaëtan stresses in our talk that sometimes trying to do everything on your own is not the best way to go about things, and that putting ego aside, though challenging, is necessary for overall success. Being able to let go of ones own ego and allow people in who may possess more expertise or talent in a certain area is a huge challenge to overcome but many times is greatly important.

Negotiation has obviously been a big part of Gaëtan’s life. I wanted to talk to him about his mindset on negotiation and how mindfulness plays into his negotiation strategy. Gaëtan notes that negotiation is when there is a difference of opinion, but sometimes negotiation can take place internally as well. Based on Gaëtan’s definition of negotiation, we find out how mindfulness and ego play into his negotiation strategy and how mindfulness can help control emotions throughout the process. Gaëtan discusses his 4 pillars of mindfulness, and gives us some real world examples of how they can be applied.

We wrap up our conversation discussing more specifics about Gaëtan’s book, the book character, connections between mountain climbing and negotiation, and his advice for people who want to improve with negotiation skills, both internally and externally.

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Gaëtan Pellerin is an experienced Negotiator, Executive Coach, Negotiation Consultant and Author of “Mindful Negotiation: Being More Aware in the Moment, Conquering Your Ego, and Getting Everyone What They Really Want.”

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