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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Conversations with Doc Martin where we talk to extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. Today is certainly no exception, as we are joined by Dr. Dan Ginader. Dan is a doctor of physical therapy who has garnered a very large following on social media with his educational, yet entertaining, series of TikTok and Instagram videos designed to help people manage their aches and pains from home during the global pandemic!

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I start out my conversation with Dan by diving into what made him want to become a physical therapist in the first place, and the path that lead him to where we are today. Dan discusses being a baseball player in college, and that because he wanted to help people for a living, physical therapy seemed like a logical career path.

View the entire interview on YouTube

When the pandemic hit, Dan went from working in a clinic at a government center with over 8,000 potential patients each day to having no case load, leading him to take the deep dive into the world of TikTok. As a way to make this new found interest more productive, and to try to remain sustainable as a physical therapist with a limited patient availability, Dan started creating content to help people who were stuck at home but still dealing with chronic pain as a result of orthopedic issues, all while keeping videos interesting and entertaining causing his following to take off.

Dr. Dan Ginader is a doctor of physical therapy who has been helping people with their aches and pains through the pandemic from the comfort of their own home

Dan and I go on to discuss his creative process, the responses he has received from his videos, the importance of having access to patients earlier in the injury process, who he is as a person beyond physical therapy, and more!

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