Lilli Correll: From Trauma to Triumph

Conversations with Doc Martin
Conversations with Doc Martin
Lilli Correll: From Trauma to Triumph

Welcome to another episode of Conversations with Doc Martin, where we talk with extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. Today is certainly no exception, as this week I am joined by Fortune 5 healthcare executive and licensed counselor, dedicated champion of patient centered solutions within the healthcare industry and author, Lilli Correll! Lilli has spoken to thousands about the patient experience, has been featured by open minds, Mental Health America, and the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, has practiced clinically for nearly 20 years, and is a certified clinical trauma provider continuing to provide her expertise in the field.

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We begin today by discussing Lilli’s background, and how she got into her area of expertise. Starting out as an undergrad in Speech and Hearing Sciences, she felt a lack of belonging in the field and gave in to her desires to study psychology. Through beginning this process, she found a calling in every sense of the word in clinical psychology. Through her studies, Lilli has come to define trauma more of how a person responds to an event, more than the actual event that occurred causing that response.

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During the interview, we discuss multiple topics including some of Lilli’s biggest concerns from a psychological stand point regarding the current global pandemic, including social isolation, suicide, substance abuse such as alcohol and opioids, and the concern that we may not be able to socially reengage with each other when this is all over as easily as we think. She stresses, as she does in her book, that it is okay to act abnormal if you are experiencing something out of the ordinary, and more so it is expected. We must all understand that, through it all, we will come out the other side. Symptoms of traumatic events and responses to them can be applied across the spectrum, and we must all understand that it is okay to feel the way that we feel.

Clinical Psychologist and Trauma Specialist Lilli Correll

As we move through the pandemic and a political spectrum that has caused us to lose trust in each other, there are certain aspects Lilli notes from a traumatic response standpoint that are causing some of the issues throughout the pandemic. The biggest issue seems to be that, because of the loss of connection with each other, we have lost trust in each other and the ability to honor and celebrate the differences in our lives and differences in each other, ultimately disconnecting from the most fundamental items that allowed us all to coexist for so long. Furthermore, she stresses that individuals who have faced trauma in a previous phase of their lives may see things like vaccine and mask mandates as having their choice taken away, further pushing them back into those feelings of their traumatic events. Ultimately, we must listen to each other, which can be easier said than done in today’s society.

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Lilli’s past lead her to where she is today. With one traumatic event after another growing up, she learned to dissociate more and more. At 16 years old, she decided that her disassociating behaviors were not who she wanted to be, and she decided to take life on her terms. Over time, she pushed herself to grow not only personally, but in the corporate world in order to give credibility to what she ultimately wanted to do: share her story and use it to help others who have experienced trauma in their lives!

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Lilli has recently published a book entitled “Resolve to Rise” (available here) regarding her own history, providing tools to the reader. With her book, she wanted to distance her self from the typical separation and walls between the writer and the reader, and wanted to let readers know that trauma does not disqualify you from success. She wanted to focus on relating to the reader and the reader relating to the writer, allowing them to understand they can use the tools outlined to truly be their best self.

Join me as we dive in to all of this and more in this week’s incredible conversation with yet another extraordinary guest!

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As always, remember, life speaks to you, and if you think it doesn’t, you’re not listening!

In Gratitude,

Doc Martin

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